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Microsoft Toolkit Activator

Microsoft Office 2010 is the name of the version of the Microsoft Office suite for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft began work on Office 2010 in 2006, when it was finishing work on Office 12. It is noteworthy that version 13 was skipped due to the fact that the number 13 is considered unsuccessful.

What is Microsoft Toolkit Activator for Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Toolkit is known as Office 2010 Toolkit’ and ‘EZ-Activator’, this new version includes Office Toolkit, Windows Toolkit and Office Uninstaller for, it allows to activate Microsoft Windows 10, activate or uninstall Microsoft Office all products completely with one click!

In addition, the activator displays detailed information about a standing OS or Office, with which key the product is activated, when its activation period ends, which version is installed and many other useful information. The activator also includes a very useful feature called “Backup” with which the user can preserve the license even after reinstalling the Windows or Office system, using the same special activator.

Features of Activator

  • If it didn’t succeed in activating in one way, it will automatically correct the error and reactivate in another way.
  • Display detailed information about the operating system or Office – which key is activated, when the license expires, which version is installed.
  • Convert Retail to Volume license.
  • Backup of the existing license, which after reinstallation will make it possible to quickly restore activation.
  • Install and configure the KMS server. You can configure the server automatically and manually.
  • Auto-reactivate Microsoft products after the key expires.


  • Direct executable file, does not require unzipping.
  • Unlike other programs for installing a license, Microsoft Toolkit is absolutely safe and displays all the actions taken on the command line.
  • Works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft products.
  • The simplicity of the interface, so even an inexperienced user will deal with the activator.
  • All actions are performed automatically.


  • Detected by Antivirus & Windows Defender.
  • Big file size.

Download Activator

Here you can download MS Toolkit for Office 2010.

How to activate Office 2010 using Microsoft Toolkit?

  • Step 1: If you don’t have this Office, you can download Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Step 2: Temporary disable Windows Defender and AntiVirus. It is needed for they don’t block the Activator.
    ->Instruction to disable in: Windows 7 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 10 | Windows 11<-
    Disable Defender
  • Step 3: Download the file, unzip using WinRaR. Password for unzip – “windows“.
    ->Instruction to unzip<-
    Office Toolkit
  • Step 4: Open as an administrator file “Microsoft Toolkit.exe“.
  • Step 5: Choose Microsoft Office Products.
  • Step 6: Press the button – “EZ-Activator”.
  • Step 7: Wait 30 seconds for report that activation was successful.
If you do not disable the Antivirus and Windows Defender – they will delete Activator’s files and activation won’t happen.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading this many of you must be thinking something, maybe someone has doubts and some questions according to Microsoft Toolkit. So, in this section,

I have written some most frequently asked questions which everyone wants to ask or even searching for the answers on the internet.

Is it safe to activate Office from Microsoft Toolkit?

Yes, of course, activating Office from Microsoft Toolkit is 100% safe and secure. I have mentioned this above you can check in the features section.

After activating Office can I uninstall Microsoft Toolkit?

Sure, you can uninstall it right after activating your Office. It won’t deactivate your Office 2010, so don’t worry about that.

What to do if i have legit Windows activation, will it affect?

The activator can detect if you have a license key and leave it alone if everything is working so you are safe!

Why my antivirus software found virus?

It’s clearly Microsoft added this tool to blacklist so it’s really false possitives. Test on virtual box if you not sure..


The article briefly discusses the issues of activation of Microsoft Office 2010. It also provides answers to a number of practical questions related to the installation of an automatic activation system.

Possessing advanced functionality, in the process of starting the system, this program checks the data of literally all Microsoft products installed on the PC, figuring out, in particular, which OS and office are on the computer, analyzing and activating the most profitable option. If activation for one reason or another was unsuccessful, Microsoft Toolkit will try to automatically fix this error, or to reactivate using another option.

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