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Activator KMSAuto NET for Office 2010

What is KMS Auto Net Activator for Microsoft Office 2010

When installing MS Office packages, developers give a trial period of 30 days, after which the product must be activated. And the license costs a lot. For such cases, we have a solution – to activate the Office using (Crack) KMSAuto Net, which can be downloaded from the link below.

KMSAuto Net: what is this program for?

The program was developed on the basis of an official tool for licensing Microsoft corporate products using a remote key management server. KMSAuto developers took the KMS server as a basis and created a convenient, simple utility.

How it works?

Despite its simplicity and convenience, the program performs a number of rather complex processes. All of them are background and do not require user participation. In short, the program creates a virtual remote server on the computer, to which the system subsequently sends a request for key authentication (validation). He receives a positive response from there, after which the generated key is embedded in Office 2010, and that’s all – activation was successfully completed. After that, the virtual server is automatically deleted, without leaving a trace.

Features of Activator

  • Activation of Windows (obtaining a shareware licensed copy).
  • Activation of Microsoft Office 2010 2013 2016 2019 Professional Plus and Standard.
  • Removing traces of other activators (files containing license information).
  • Reactivation tasks.
  • Checking the integrity of system files.
  • Task management in the Task Scheduler.
  • Advanced settings for advanced users.


  • I’m not afraid to call this activation method legal, since KMSAuto Net carries out activation using the license key.
  • And I also love him for the fact that Microsoft products are activated forever, this is due to the built-in KMS service in which the task of reactivation is created after a certain time. In the future, all this will happen in automatic mode.
  • Also, your Office will undergo all authentication checks and install the latest updates.
  • This activator is 100% secure and virus free. Don’t worry about the trojans or malware, it is malware proof. It’s checked by the Virus Total and is trusted by many users on the internet.


  • It is Needed to disable Anti-Virus before installing.
  • Administrator Privileges are required to run this activator.

Download Activator

How to activate Office 2010 using KMS Auto Net?

To activate your Office 2010, you have to follow this detailed instruction.

  • Step 1: If you don’t have this Office, you can download Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Step 2: Temporary disable Windows Defender and AntiVirus. It is needed for they don’t block the Activator.
    ->Instruction to disable in: Windows 7 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 10 | Windows 11<-
  • Step 3: Download the file, unzip using WinRaR. Password for unzip – “windows“.
    ->Instruction to unzip<-
  • Step 4: Start “KMSAuto Net.exe” file as an administrator.
  • Step 5: Click button “Activation“.KMSAuto Net Activate Office 2010
  • Step 6: Click button “Activate Office“.KMSAuto Net Activation Office 2010
  • Step 7: Wait 20 seconds.
If you do not disable the Antivirus and Windows Defender – they will delete Activator’s files and activation won’t happen.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the answers for most asked questions about this activator in whole internet for you in one place. Enjoy!

How to remove and is it worth removing?

The program itself does not require removal, since it is not installed as a stationary utility or application. It is enough to simply run it, it is portable. Since antiviruses define it as malware or potentially unwanted software, it is advisable to delete the file itself with the .exe extension. At the first scan, the antivirus will detect it as a threat.

Will it permanently activate my Office or I have to activate it again and again after a specific time?

Yes, of course, it will activate your Office permanently and you don’t need to activate it again. You just need it after when you reinstall your Windows OS.

Where Can I find the latest version of KMSAuto?

You can download the latest version of KMSAuto from our website. We keep updating the links whenever we find any new updates. This way you don’t need to worry about the new version.

I have an original license for Windows? Will it break my license if I try to activate the Office?

The program is designed in a way that when you try to activate the Windows or Office. This will first check if there are any available licenses or not when you have the original license, it automatically avoids it and doesn’t make changes. So, in this way, you can simply activate Office without breaking your license.


Having listed all the advantages of an activator for Microsoft products, the conclusion suggests itself. Personally, I use this particular activator because in 99% of cases it completely solved my tasks. Of course, there can be all sorts of unforeseen situations, such as an error popping up and so on, well, as they say, you can’t foresee everything. And in general, it seems to me that if this monster in some case does not cope with activation, then resorting to some other activators does not make sense, the reason will need to be sought elsewhere.

Office 2010 activated using KMS Activator

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